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Frequently Asked Questions:
We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions about   We've grouped them into categories listed below.  Click any category to view those questions, click any question to see the answer!

The Most Common
Can I purchase your patterns if I only have a Mac?
I am new to computers, and I just don't understand how this thing works.
My email address has changed.  What should I do?
All I see on the screen is a picture.  Where is the pattern grid and symbols?
Does it cost anything to become a member?
PCStitch gives me an error when I try to open a PVF file.  Why?
I don't want to use my Credti Card (or I don't have one).  May I mail you a check?
Do I have to buy software to print my patterns?

Questions about downloading patterns.
I get a screen full of junk when I try to download my pattern.
I can not find my pattern after I download it.
When I click the download button, all I get is a screen full of funny characters.
When I open a pattern I get an error saying "License Information Unavaliable".   What do I do?

Questions regarding Print & Ship or Supplies…
If I choose to have a pattern printed and sent to me, what will I receive?

Questions about Purchasing from PatternsOnline.
Is it safe to use my credit card at
Can I buy patterns using a check or money order?
Can I share patterns I buy with my friends?

Software Questions
Can I use the patterns on this site with PCStitch?
What software do I need on my computer to open my patterns?
Do I have to own a copy of PCStitch to open my patterns?

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