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Software: PCStitch

PCStitch has been around for a long time (over 15 years!) and has gone through many revisions.  The current release of PCStitch is version 7.  If you are running version 7 you have everything you need to open any of the patterns in PCStitch format.

Some of the newer patterns are only being offered in the new Pattern Viewer File Format (PVF).  In order to view and print these files, you will need to have the latest version of the Pattern Viewer software, even if you already have PCStitch 7.

If you are not sure what version you are running, you can check from the program.  Start PCStitch on your computer, then choose the About option from the Help menu.  A window will be displayed showing you the version number of your software.  The first number (major number) indicates the version of your software.

If you would like to try PCStitch 7, Click Here!

If you are running PCStitch 6:

If you own PCStitch and want to use it to open your designs, you need to verify the version number on the pattern file first. On the pattern page for every design, the downloadable format section will show you if it can be downloaded in PCStitch format. Beneath the icon is a version number. If the version number is 6 or lower, you can open it with your software.

If the version number is 7 or higher, you can open the pattern using our FREE pattern viewer program.

The example at the right shows a pattern on our site which can be downloaded in PCStitch format. Beneath the icon it indicates the file is in version 6 format.

If you are running PCStitch 5:

We had to make some changes to the software to provide copyrighted, licensed patterns.  If your copy of version 5 not 5.2.7, you will receive errors when you try to open our patterns  Not to worry!  You can download a FREE update for version 5.
To update your software, follow these easy steps:
  • Click Here to download the update file: (2.97 Meg)
  • When prompted by your browser, select Open or Run:
  • Follow the directions on the screen:

The update is stored in a single file.  After the download completes, this program is run and the update is completed on your computer.  When done, you should be running version 5.2 of PCStitch.  You can verify this by starting the software and selecting About from the help menu.

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