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Software: PCStitch

If you are a cross-stitcher, PCStitch is the software for you.  PCStitch is the premiere design software available today for all levels of crafters.  Whether you want to design your own patterns, or automatically convert photographs, PCStitch is the best product of it’s kind on the market.

Experts Agree!   PCStitch was awarded the Product of Excellence from CraftTrends Magazine!
It’s everything you need!
PCStitch offers a rich feature set.  Use different stitch types, including backstitches.  Our text features are unmatched by any other program, and libraries to help you catalog your favorite pieces.  All this, and it is still the most easy-to-use program on the market!

And it is great for members.
All the designs PatternsOnline are stored in PCStitch format.  The Pattern Viewer is great for printing your designs, but PCStitch takes you so much farther!  Now, make color changes or add your own personalized touches.  Version 7 will open any pattern on the site!

Download it here, and try it for free!

We invite you to try PCStitch for free.  You can download the software here at no cost or obligation.  This is the full version of PCStitch.  The only limitations are you can not save your changes, and you can only print existing patterns (It will print your PatternsOnline patterns).

Installation is simple.  Everything you need to install PCStitch has been stuffed into a single file that you can download to your computer.  Download it, run it, and follow the directions on the screen.

To install PCStitch, follow these easy steps:
  • Click Here to download the installation file: (87 Meg)
  • When prompted by your browser, select Open or Run:
  • Follow the directions on the screen:

Buy it now, and Use it now!

Click Here to purchase PCStitch directly from the PCStitch web site. cart.  At checkout, you will be provided with an unlock key which you can use to gain instant access to the Save and Print features.  This means that you can start using PCStitch Right Now while you wait for the CD to arrive.

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